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"Diane has made our yards so beautiful. We were able to get rid of our sprinkler system by relying on her to identify native plants that substantially reduce the watering demands. She is always available for questions and to revisit our plan and everything goes off without a hitch. Can't recommend highly enough!" — Robyn Crowther


"Diane made the landscaping of my house shine. She worked with my budget and made use of a lot of what I already had, saving me money and time. She listened to what I wanted and brought fresh new ideas to the table. I could not recommend her enough. Her eye is impeccable." — Mina Chassler

"I contacted Diane to see what she might be able to do with a hillside I had recently cleared. While she was there I asked if she had any ideas about cleaning up my front yard, which had become a mess over the years. She went right to work and presented me with a beautiful plan that involved relocating some of the plants in front to the side and introducing some new ones. She has a vast knowledge of proper care and placement of drought resistant plants. It was but a week or two after that the work was done. My yard is beautiful and, thanks to her expertise, should be maintainable in the long run. I highly recommend Hummingbird Design." — Julie Tashetta


"Diane worked with me to stay in my budget. Upset at the loss of plants during the drought she helped me plant natives to supplement the natives that I did have. She easily changed things to suit the budget or my whims and was fun on the job.Her team went above and beyond replacing my existing watering system and even returned on a Sunday to check on it. They also were quick and professional.Now I am excited to watch my garden grow." — Paige Fillion


Our unusually large front yard has been transformed into a low-water paradise. Ms. Michaeli has been professional, responsive and knowledgeable since the date of our first contact. Not only is the yard unique and beautiful, but it smells so good and attracts butterflies and, of course, hummingbirds. It is our collective responsibility to lower our water use and Ms. Michaeli is showing the way. Absolutely the best thing I could have done for my home. — Lisa MacCarley

"We hired Hummingbird Design to fix up our front yard, which had been in a state of disregard for years. They came up with a beautiful plan within our budget and implemented it within our time frame, using a team that was professional and efficient. We were given specific upkeep instructions and they followed up after completion of the job to make sure we were satisfied and the plants were taking root properly. To this day, Hummingbird is available to answer any of our questions regarding the work or maintenance of the yard. Overall, our experience has been wonderful and we would definitely hire them again and recommend them to anyone who needed landscaping design services." — Peter Landau

"I have been delighted with Diane's simple but effective design in place of my floundering attempts to plant the garden on my own. She took the plants I already had and used them to excellent effect. She worked with me and her knowledgeable gardener to get things done."

— Carolyn

"Diane was great to work with. She was patient and answered all our questions and gave helpful advice on what we should do. She also directs you to where you can get the items you need so you don't have to go around looking for it. She's also very knowledgeable about all the different plants, trees and flowers. She really knows her stuff!"

— Anna

"I was very pleased with my choice to use Diane and Hummingbird Design to landscape my front yard. I wanted a designer knowledgeable of California native plants and drought tolerant gardens and I found that in Diane. Besides plants, she incorporated the use of rock and DG paths to design a front yard that looked both natural yet balanced and planned. I liked working with Diane because she planned around my existing plants and reused rock material, making the new and old look great together. Her fees were reasonable and she was willing to stay in my budget. When I asked if the plant order could be reduced she was very willing to change numbers. I liked that working with Diane was always a positive experience for me. In addition, I was very pleased with the quality of plants she ordered and with the crew she had to do the landscaping. They were very professional, careful, and nice. If I have another landscaping project (backyard) I will call Diane again. My new front yard landscape gives me much pleasure and I think it's beautiful!" — Elizabeth

"Hummingbird Design was fabulous to work with. Diane listened to our needs, worked up a design schematic so we could visualize what the space would look like and arranged for the work to be done with a dependable and courteous crew. Diane has a keen design sense and an extensive knowledge of plants, especially drought tolerant species. Hummingbird Design helped us with a back patio redesign and our front yard in progress both of which we are very pleased with."

— Gabrielle

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