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maintenance supervisor

Experience attention to detail.

Working with your gardener or suggesting a new landscape contractor we will take the time to keep your property looking fresh, clean, healthy and neat. Let me help schedule and supervise the ongoing health of your garden. Knowledgeable pruning and ongoing weekly, monthly or quarterly maintenance can make a clear difference in your landscapes appearance and health. This service offers personalized landscape care practice that works intensively with limited clientele in Los Angeles.

  • Send you reminder emails when maintenance is due.

  • Meet with your gardener or suggest a maintenance crew.

  • Provide you with a detailed list of to-do's before work is scheduled to be completed.

  • Facilitate communication re: crews, bids and payments

  • Stay on site while gardeners are providing services

  • Project manage your problem in the garden or your quarterly maintenance service and communicate what needs to be done directly to you.

  • 16+ years' experience working professionally in landscape design and maintenance

  • Able to manage a crew and instruct them on what needs to be done.

  • Problem in the garden? Let's get to the bottom of it.

  • I work directly with crews who will arrive for scheduled quarterly maintenance.

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